But when you happen to be like me, the moment you have enough free-time to take on a new undertaking, the mind simply moves absolutely clear and you can not consider whatever seems exciting. Nevertheless it was simply that music audio was entirely moved to by movie tracks. Access of worldclass audio technology notwithstanding, the quality of audio recordings in India remained several ages while in the western world behind its colleagues. It had been he who initiated audio mixing and the sound recording of all of the tunes that had great audio during 1950-60 time.

You can endlessly tune in to actually these arrangements of his with below level musicality, churned out to match the quick-changing preference of times for their quality that is sheer. Some of our fantastic audio engineers and audio specialists here totally due to the audio mixing attempts produced the nice sound-quality that we experience in several of the songs, predicated on their particular style and comprehension.

Wonderful software, lots of software and equipment on the market- fantastic methods, nevertheless need a great group of ears along with a good pair of screens. But what genuinely astonished me was the impressive truth the audio quality of ‘Ooolaala' couldn't keep a candle to the quality of ‘Ui Amma' that was recorded! Even today, reading the music records of the years surprises us.