President Obama shares his closing written tackle to the citizens of the United States. This argument attempts to undermine the intentionality of Hip Hop and its results, and thus promotes the notion that any positive socio-cultural change was a mere offshoot of riot concerning a historically sensitive subject. More than simply leisure, hip hop is a major part of contemporary id circuits -networks of philosophies and aesthetics based on blackness, poverty, violence, power, resistance, and capitalist accumulation” (Pardue 674).

Hip Hop artists such as Tupac are in a position to create a stability between the promotion of black rights and self-purportment in the face of questionable racism. To this end, Hip Hop tradition redefined cultural norms and practices nationwide by establishing new modes of studying, conduct, and social interplay. Road hip hop beef training and road smarts” are directly associated to the culture surrounding Hip Hop music. Consequently, road training both colours the thematic elements of Hip Hop and is structured in turn by that what those themes generally promote.

Now media and leisure akin to pop music, movie, and trend are among the many major forces transmitting tradition to this technology of Black People” (Kitwana 7). Pop cultures akin to Hip Hop are, arguably more than anything else, the voices of a whole generation of individuals from the nineties onward. Hip Hop can use Black nationalism to discover the challenges that confront African People in the put up-Civil Rights era” (Collins 20).